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This is a short explanation of what I’m working on.

Is a platform for coders and interested to build back-end services really quickly by combining blocks of functionality and connecting them together in a flow using a visual interface.

The point being to enable you to create tailored back-ends really easy without knowing any kind of programming but just using your logical skills.

My thought is that using to create your back-ends will free up a lot of your time and resources to do other things. Scaling is something that is taken care of by the platform so no worries there.

The plan is that it should be really fun to create functionality and that you could share it with your friends to combine all sorts of amazing and cool things I can’t even imagine yet almost like building a giant breathing network of  blocks working together.

Your back-ends will typically have a REST interface to the world and is run and hosted on

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  1. xurtio

    neat, sounds similar to vvvv, only more general. I think you a word in your first sentence.

  2. Joseph Salvador

    That’s AMAZING. Your journey, and the product all of it. If I wasn’t married with a little one I’d be in the tent down the acre. Could you share a little more about that? And about he product. I’m attempting to learn coding and taking on an app project to help motivate me, but I want to do more, learn more. How will your blockie help people like me?

    Coding is the future

    • Thomas Backlund

      The thought is that you do not have to spend time learning the syntax of any language. It should be enough with the ability to think like a programmer to create back-ends on
      Thanks for your support =)

  3. Gubatron

    Do you know

    We started doing something similar years ago, I was one of the original engineers that built their second client (Qt front end, Java backend).

    I believe Temboo since I left has evolved more into an API of API’s, I believe it was a hard sell the whole visual approach, IT people wanted APIs.

    Take a look at

      • Andy

        Hey Thomas,

        I will be interesting in seeing what you are working on and am happy that you are excited and enjoying yourself doing this.

        Personally, when you are done, I would like to try to use this to trace the flow of dollars out of my bank account into goods or activities. Some dollars would be used twice: eg dollars that buy food would be expended daily in exercise and just regular living. Some, like gas, would be expended driving. Others, like curtains, would be used to decorate. And finally, some like Pine-Sol for cleaning would be used for cleaning and would be gone.

        I would like to see such a process used on the US government’s budget to find and eliminate criminal activities, aka cronyism.

        Since you have a degree in biotech I think you have an intuitive understanding of how things work together and not just an esoterically logical one.

  4. Rahul Bhardwaj

    Hi Thomas,
    Read about you in your article and it was really inspiring to say the least :).
    Now, back to the main thing-I thought about something like this, well not exactly like this but a logical equivalent in compilation processes.
    My main hurdle there(which led me to dump the idea, complete my degree and get the job :) ) was how much is a “basic entity”. In your explanation, I feel, you must have encountered a similar problem-what pieces of logic will be your basic most building blocks that you provide to the user.
    Now, I am sorry, if I understood it wrong of if this is too public to ask this question or have this discussion but I guess, curiosity got the better of me :).

  5. mdhilwan

    Saw a post about you on mashable :) From a fellow developer to another, just wanna wish you all the best and keep on following your dreams :) I look forward to seeing make it big one day.

  6. Andreas Krohn

    Good luck. Looking forward to testing Blockie, sounds like an interesting take on what IFTTT, Zapier, CloudWorks and others are working on. There is definitly a market for this.

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