Listservians demand more content


The other day I was lucky enough to win The ListServe lottery.

I've got a lot of supportive emails already and many questions of more practical nature about the forest life.
Edit: Thanks a lot for all your great emails and stories. I'm reading them all! Hope to answer them all too but they keep coming fast!

I'll be happy to provide more content. Promising to update twice or at least once a week from now.

Providing some pictures of the lake and wind shed I'm currently in. I'm usually in a tent but wind sheds are sweet :) There is a fire place here as well.

Check out the Brunton Solaris 62 watt solar panels on the roof =) Trying to get the best angle towards the sun as possible.

I cook food. Using the Primus OmniLite stove whenever I do not have a fire place.

Norrona Recon backpack with aluminium frame supports all 35 kg that is my life.

I live in a Hilleberg Nammatj 2 GT tent. Very comfortable and I can sit there and work when it rains. (yes I know I haven't stretched it but there was no soil on the ground to put the sticks in! =)

I feel privileged and grateful to be so close to nature for so long.. It makes me sad that not all countries have Public Access Rights. We are nature and we should have access to it whenever we need.