I can't believe the attention my forest-thingy has recieved.

This tells me that many people have the desire to:

1. Let go and chase a dream or just live more free.
2 .Be closer to nature.

I'm very happy for all the emails, tweets and comments I've got. Most of them hurraying the idea of moving out to the forest and some more.. practical objections about it. =)

I also got some good connections with people who are willing to jump aboard and help me realize Blockie.io.
That side effect of all this is totally priceless. Thanks you Listserve.

To my delight there are others like me already out there.

Some guy cayaking to an unhbatited island where he lives and codes for a month at a time.

A woman living in her RV working with web pages.

Another dude who has done this three years now streamlined everything so he now only lives in his car.

Some game creating Nomads made me an honary Nomad =)

And also the guy living on a boat who got out on The Listserve right after me.

This makes me think how many weirdos are out there doing this?

I've just got control over my inbox again. Sadly I did not have time to respond to all the comments on all the articles.

Stay tuned for more forest news!