Interviews followed by big trouble


Last week I had two interviews in the forest. One Dutch team and one Swedish team.

Kind of absurd feeling when you’re in the forest and suddenly you’re the center of attention and there is a camera guy risking it all by walking out into the water almost holding his camera over his head while he’s going for the best angle..

I really enjoyed the company. Then I had a telephone interview for a Swedish newspaper.

I guess the media wave is calming down soon so I could really get back to #foresthacking.

But then there came big trouble when my car broke down. Very bad timing.
I got towed to the shop and managed to get a rental car for some days on the insurance.
Some days later the mechanics calls me back and says they do not have time to fix my car before they go on their vacation.
That really sucks. So I’ve been trying to get hold of another mechanic who actually wants the job and can do it soon.

So still I’m not sure when or even if the car will get fixed. And soon I’ll have to return the rental car and then I’ll be really stuck in the forest and moving and provisioning will be much harder.

Still haven’t got my S4 back so there are no dramatic pictures of the car brake down..