Total alignment of the organism


Dear Readers,

Last two weeks have been interesting. I’ve met some people, had visitors come out to me and coded like a maniac. It has also rained very much on me.

Total alignment

Coding is really coming good. There has been a lot of challenges and tough decisions to make about the development and design of Blockie.io. I don’t have enough data to draw any conclusions but my feeling is that the environment and being enabled to fully focus and totally zone out without distractions at all is very beneficial for the project. Solutions to hard problems come faster to me now than ever before. I would like to think that not only some parts of my brain are involved in creating this but the whole organism that is me is totally aligned in creating Blockie.io, because I am where I am and the focus is dead on. Success or not, nothing else. The project has not only come longer now than before I moved out into the forest, but it has also gotten a lot better. I am wondering if meditation is something similar you could undertake to be totally aligned.

I’ve shown some screen shots to some people and it seems like I’m on the right track with what I’m doing.

It has gotten colder in the forest the last week, not sure if it’s only due to the rain or if summer is over already. Where I’ll live when the forest gets to cold and dark, I do not know.