Spring time is forest time!

Finally spring is coming to Sweden and within a month it’s #foresthacking time again!

Because I quit my apartment for real last spring I have been living with friends and family during winter but now it’s time again for some serious #foresthacking!

This time I will be going without car and with much less stuff overall. I want to be more mobile. I also invested in a hammock to be able to sleep at every beautiful lake I see without having to find a sweet spot for the tent.

Of course the laptop and solar cells are coming with me this time again since I am still coding on Blockie.io!

(ps. you cannot comment here because all of the spam coming in)


Crowdfunding on Indiegogo.com


Blockie.io has come a long way, but we still need a few months of undisturbed work before we can launch. That is why we launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com. So if you want to create your back-end services really easy and quick without doing any actual coding – you should check it out now!



Exited the forest

On the 9:th of october I exited the forest after five months of forest hacking.

It was getting darker and colder and that was having an impact on my productivity. So it was time to leave. Luckily the development of Blockie.io had come as far as I had set out. It was time to take it to the next phase.

So in about a week we’re launching an IndieGoGo and you could then see the results.

Just when I was about to leave – all these creatures came pouring out of the shrubberies.. Gonna miss you too guys.


What’s up

I’m just moving in on month five of forest hacking. Still love it. Summer has been good to me.

Yesterday I figured in Dutch news, they were here some time ago and did the interview.

I plan to have some interesting things to show in mid October about Blockie.io. You could follow @BlockieIO on Twitter.

There has happened a lot of forest related stuff as well. Had a very interesting meeting with a guy who has lived in the forest for 5-6 years. I don’t think he ever is moving back to any city ever. He’s just done with it.

Summer is still on, but the winds are getting cold and nights are much colder now.

Total alignment of the organism

Dear Readers,
Last two weeks have been interesting. I’ve met some people, had visitors come out to me and coded like a maniac. It has also rained very much on me.

Total alignment
Coding is really coming good. There has been a lot of challenges and tough decisions to make about the development and design of Blockie.io. I don’t have enough data to draw any conclusions but my feeling is that the environment and being enabled to fully focus and totally zone out without distractions at all is very beneficial for the project. Solutions to hard problems come faster to me now than ever before. I would like to think that not only some parts of my brain are involved in creating this but the whole organism that is me is totally aligned in creating Blockie.io, because I am where I am and the focus is dead on. Success or not, nothing else.  The project has not only come longer now than before I moved out into the forest, but it has also gotten a lot better. I am wondering if meditation is something similar you could undertake to be totally aligned.
I’ve shown some screen shots to some people and it seems like I’m on the right track with what I’m doing.

It has gotten colder in the forest the last week, not sure if it’s only due to the rain or if summer is over already. Where I’ll live when the forest gets to cold and dark, I do not know.













I suck at blogging


Not much updates from me lately, some on twitter dough @thomasbacklund.

What has happened lately.. I’ve been in the forest.. I’ve been one week on the sea, kind of vacation, but of course worked a couple of hours a day.

Anyway, coding is coming really good. I’ve actually got a “complete” system now that works. This means I have stared using Blockie.io to develop Blockie.io. I can tell you that developing on Blockie.io is really fun!

Btw: When you take a leap of faith – make sure leave with enough velocity.


Interviews followed by big trouble

Last week I had two interviews in the forest. One Dutch team and one Swedish team.

Kind of absurd feeling when you’re in the forest and suddenly you’re the center of attention and there is a camera guy risking it all by walking out into the water almost holding his camera over his head while he’s going for the best angle..

I really enjoyed the company. Then I had a telephone interview for a Swedish newspaper.

I guess the media wave is calming down soon so I could really get back to #foresthacking.

But then there came big trouble when my car broke down. Very bad timing.
I got towed to the shop and managed to get a rental car for some days on the insurance.
Some days later the mechanics calls me back and says they do not have time to fix my car before they go on their vacation.
That really sucks. So I’ve been trying to get hold of another mechanic who actually wants the job and can do it soon.

So still I’m not sure when or even if the car will get fixed. And soon I’ll have to return the rental car and then I’ll be really stuck in the forest and moving and provisioning will be much harder.

Still haven’t got my S4 back so there are no dramatic pictures of the car brake down..




Visitors in the forest

I had a rough week with sickness to the stomach, a lot of rain and my Samsung S4 broke down.

Then on Thursday Gunnika from 52Adventures came out to visit to make an interview and take some photos. Very nice with some company.

The following Saturday my cousin Per came to visit and stay the night. He brought elk beef and other nice things to eat. It was great doing some catch up and relaxing.

Then I relocated and found a sweet spot by a wind shed. Those times are nice when you get surprised of how (almost) perfect a place could be.

This weekend I was up in Stockholm with friends and family to engage in Midsummer festivities. That was really nice but it’s time to get back to the forest now.

Stopped for a coffee to speak to a pre-customer to Blockie.io and get some ideas and feedback. Great meeting!

Thomas IMG_0561 IMG_0607 elkbeef

W o w

I can’t believe the attention my forest-thingy has recieved.

This tells me that many people have the desire to:

  • Let go and chase a dream or just live more free.
  • Be closer to nature.

I’m very happy for all the emails, tweets and comments I’ve got.
Most of them hurraying the idea of moving out to the forest and some
more.. practical objections about it. =)

I also got some good connections with people who are willing to jump aboard and
help me realize Blockie.io.
That side effect of all this is totally priceless. Thanks you Listserve.

To my delight there are others like me already out there.

Some guy cayaking to an unhbatited island where he lives and codes for a month at a time.

A woman living in her RV working with web pages.

Another dude who has done this three years now streamlined everything so he now only lives in his car.

Some game creating Nomads made me an honary Nomad =)

And also the guy living on a boat who got out on The Listserve right after me.

This makes me think how many weirdos are out there doing this?

I’ve just got control over my inbox again. Sadly I did not have time to respond to all the comments on all the articles.

Stay tuned for more forest news!